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Press Release



The Voice to the People Finally has a platform to be heard


Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press!

My name is Emmanuel Bonet, the Executive Director of aid foundation, with me today are Barrister Rebecca Sako-John, the Executive Director of LEADS-Nigeria, Dr. Lydia Umar the Executive Director and Terfa Hemen who is in charge of the V2P program in Kaduna. The purpose of this press conference is to call on the media to inform the general public to participate in the Local Government Development Plan that offers them the opportunity to add their voice to the development that affects them.


You will recall that sometime in December 2017, the Voice to the People project supported by Christian AID and facilitated in partnership by aid foundation, LEADS, GAT and other DFID programmes like PERL, Action AID, M4D with strong support  from Planning & Budget Commission and Ministry of Local Government enabled a process where communities in all 255 wards across the 23 LGAs of Kaduna State articulated their needs in communal priorities and presented it to the Planning and Budget Commission with a view to it forming the content of the State and LGA 2018 budgets and also be integrated into the LG development plan as the input of citizens after validation.


Kaduna State as part of its reform programmes has conceived that each LG will produce a 5-year Local Government Development Plan (LGDP 2019-2022) just like the State has its State Development Plan (SDP 2016 -2020). The process provides an opportunity for each local government to look inward, be focused and showcase themselves to the world for possible partnership for development. 


This in my opinion has never happened anywhere in Nigeria at the local level and we applaud any initiative that puts the people first in the area of development and governance. Communities have the opportunity to inclusively decide what, where, when, who and how development will affect them. 


Consequent upon the foregoing, government have developed a road map aimed at achieving this said goal as follows:






High level sensitisation of Local Government officials on Local Government Planning

13th February 2018



Capacity strengthen  for Local Government Planning Committee on  their roles and function in Local Government Plan development


20th-22nd February 2018


Stakeholder engagement at Local Government Level

26th -28th  February


Technical workshop  for all Directors and key staff of Local Government  on Plan and  development processes


5th - 7th March 2018


Local Government Planning Drafting;

  1. Setting of Long term goals
  2. Identification/development of programmes
  3. Development of baseline, KPIs, outcome targets etc



14th -16th March 2018


Validation of Draft LG Plan at each LGC

19th March 2018


Presentation at Local Government Council

20th -21st March 2018


Harmonization of the document

21st -23rd March 2018


Presentation to EXCO for approval

2nd April 2018


Printing and distribution of the approved Local Government Development Plan 2018-2022

May 2018


Therefore, we are calling on the media to take special interest on the road map and use their medium to call on the general public to participate especially in the Stakeholders engagement between Wednesday 28th March 2nd and also at the validation of the draft on March 19th 2019.


On our part as civil society organizations we will continue to support citizens participation in governance process

The people have asked that their voices be heard A platform has been provided for them to do so, they MUST use this platform to amplify their voice.


Thank you for your time.


You can contact me email: or on twitter @askbonet or telephone on 08093194427





Emmanuel Bonet                   Rebecca Sako-John               Dr. Lydia Umar

Executive Director                Executive Director                Executive Director

AID Foundation                     LEADS-Nigeria                       Gender Awareness Trust




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