Provision of Support for Women's Participation and Mainstreaming of Gender Equality in the Constitutional Review process

Thematic Area: Democracy and Good Governance


The recent consternation over gender gabs of Nigeria's constitution of 1999 by gender experts, network of civil society organization like GECORN, IRI of which GAT is a member, have brought to the fore the issues of structural challenges of governance that reflect in the 1999 Constitution. While the constitution can literally be perceived by many as one off affair of male particularly the elite class, ostensibly, the challenges posed by gender in the constitution are multi-dimensional to women. It is observed that the history of successive constitution in Nigeria has been a history of exclusion of women in the process making and these dates back to the colonial times when women were not allowed to vote despite the fact that women made up at least 49.6 % of the national total population (1991 census).

The objectives of the project is to facilitate the active participation of women and the promotion of gender equality in the Constitutional Review process in the North West Zone . The specific objectives for this project include:

  •   To increase participation of women and other vulnerable groups of North West states in the Constitutional Review Process by December 2012
  • To increase interactions and consultations with key political stakeholders on the Constitutional Review Process by December 2012
  •  To mobilize grassroots women and civil society actors on the need for the Constitutional Review Process by December 2012
    The activities carried out under this project included:    
  •    3,000 copies of the Abridged Memorandum Version was replicated, translated and produced in English and Hausa.    
  • One Road Show in Sokoto where the public hearing was conducted with different women groups danced round major streets caring placards with key messages and abridged memorandum were widely distributed during the event.
  • Pre-Public Hearing Meeting with 150 Women from the 7 states of the North-West zone who were briefed to be familiar about the key issues that women want reviewed in the constitution which will be presented (memorandum) at the public hearing before the National Assembly Constitutional Review Committee  in the current Constitution.
  • 150 women mobilized from North West Zone attended the Public hearing made valid contributions and support the process.
  • One day sensitization meetings was held in each of the 7 states of the North West Zone aimed at stimulating women's interest in the Constitutional Review Process and particularly with the sections dealing with Right of women which have been compiled in the memorandum.
  •  Ten Radio jingles on gender equality and constitutional review process was produced in English and Hausa language was aired on FRCN because of its widest coverage in order to reach the general public.
  • Advocacy meeting with women leaders from 6 political parties namely; PDP, APGA, CPC, CAN & ANPP for increased participation of women in the Constitutional Review.

The project was very successful as all the objectives were achieved and GAT is the only women NGO that presented a Memorandum on behalf of Women from the North West Zone during the Zonal public hearing.

Donor: UNDP

Location Project StartsProject Ends
Sokoto and other six states of the NW zone. 2012-10-01 2012-10-31