Voice to the People

Thematic Area: Democracy and Good Governance


Voice to the People (V2P) is a two-and-a-half year project promoting good governance in Nigeria through citizen driven development and increased voice and accountability. the key aims are to support communities and civil society to establish dialogues between citizens and the state, increase citizens voices and participation in governance, see communities and civil society organisations effectively holding their leaders to account, and ultimately improve government responsiveness and service delivery. To achieve its goals, V2P focuses on four main areas:
1. Improving the skills, organisations and confidence of marginalised groups, communities and civil society so they can better their rights.
2. Increasing the participation and representation of women and adolescent girls in informal and formal decision-making structures, such as election and town union meetings.
3. Improving dialogues and interactions between marginalised groups, community groups, civil society and local and state level authorities.
4. Effective sharing of lessons learned to enable civil society to achieve increased linkages and leverages between Voices and Accountability programming

Donor: Christian Aid

Location Project StartsProject Ends
Kaduna 2016-10-01 2017-03-30