UBEC 2010/11 Teachers Professional Development Fund; Accountability - Provision of Capacity Building, Monitoring and Supportive Supervision of School Based Management Committee (SBMC)

Thematic Area: Democracy and Good Governance


Despite the possession of considerable oil wealth, a rising population, inefficient government investment in front line public services and years of neglect have left the Nigerian education system in a poor state. Education indicators are amongst the lowest in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly for girls. Currently it is estimated that there are 7-9 million school aged children not attending school, a disproportionate percentage of whom are girls.
Since legislation was passed in 2004 establishing nine-year compulsory Universal Basic Education, the main sectoral focus of Federal and State governments has been an expansion of basic education to meet the Millennium Development Goals. There has been a significant increase in investment in the basic education sector through State governments and through Federal sources such as the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC). Access remains a problem, as do the low quality of education outcomes and the stark inequities in the system.
Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board (KADSUBEB) is working to improve the governance and delivery of quality basic education, to make the management of the system more effective and efficient and to improve the flow of resources to schools. It is also working with schools in pilot areas by providing packages of  school improvement measures including head teacher and teacher training, school development planning and operational grants. A key feature of the KADSUBEB approach in interacting with communities is a partnership between GAT with other CSOs and those parts of State and Local government that are responsible for social mobilization. It is throuth such partnership that sustainable, replicable and affordable forms of community participation can develop.
The project achieved the following objectives

  • raised the levels of expectation and demand for improved schools.
  • increased resources mobilised for the education of children from marginalised groups.
  • encouraged and empoered parents anc communities in participating through supporting the work of SBMCs and monitoring standards and school performance.
  • promotes participation from education officers to support bottom-up school development in partnership with GAT and other CSOs by promoting school governance and accountability
  • promotes participation from women, children and the marginalised groups for more inclusive civic voice in school governance and accountability.

Donor: Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board/ESSPN

Location Project StartsProject Ends
Jaba and Zongon Kataf LGA of Kaduna State 2012-06-10 2012-12-21