Peace Clubs Project

Thematic Area: Peace Building, Conflict Resolution and Human Security


GAT in collaboration with the Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme (NSRP) is setting up Peace Clubs in communities of Jema’a and Kaduna South LGAs of Kaduna State.

The purpose of the project is to provide safe spaces for both girls and boys of different age groups (between 10-24 years) in Jema'a and some parts of Kaduna South Local Government Areas, to more effectively respond to violence against women and girls (VAWG) in these communities. The concept is to utilize existing safe spaces where boys and girls would meet to carry out peace club activities in a Formal and Informal Peace settings. This will provide a platform that will enable women and girls to interact effectively and learn skills that will make them less vulnerable to gender based violence. This will also contribute towards influencing a change in attitudes and mindsets of the men and male youths towards women and girls, at various levels, and will help to provide a better response to Violence against Women and Girls. Furthermore, it will help resolve political and social problems by non-violent means, by reducing the frequency and severity of violent conflict and its negative impact on the most vulnerable populations.

The two main objectives of the project but not limited to are

  • ·         To reduce Violence against Women and Girls
  • ·      To increase the participation of Women and Girls in decision making process.




Donor: Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme (NSRP)

Location Project StartsProject Ends
Barnawa (Kaduna South LGA) and Kafanchan (Jema'a LGA) 2014-04-20 2017-04-30