Voter Mandate Protection 2015

Thematic Area: Democracy and Good Governance


Electoral violence has become an eyesore in Nigeria's electoral system. It is said to be characterized by institutional, structural and physical violence through political corruption, god-fatherism, imposition of elective candidates, blatant rigging of elections etc. Generally, Electoral Violence (EV) manifest during party primary elections, main elections, post-election and during the tenure of fraudulently-elected governments. Violence begets violence, hence the vicious cycle of violence by perpetrators on one hand, and violent reaction or retaliation by victims on the other hand. Electoral violence can undermine the electoral system itself, the presence of threat in the electoral process can create voters apathy. Voters may opt not to register or decide to stay away from polls altogether because of intimidation and violence occasioned during elections. Voters and civic education is critical in places where violence is visible and where political situations may be volatile as the case is in Kaduna State. It is necessary to ensure that all constituents understand their rights, their political system, the contest they are being asked to decide, how and where to vote.
GAT with support from NED hopes to empower young women and men with the knowledge and skills to mobilize some (a LGA from each senatorial zone) communities of Kaduna State to participate constructively in the 2015 election process and to protect their election mandate through election monitoring.

Donor: National Endowment for Democracy

Location Project StartsProject Ends
Giwa, Chikun & Kaura LGAs of Kaduna State 2014-10-01 2015-09-30