About Gender Awareness Trust

At GAT we believe that everyone has a voice. Our specialty is helping systems and institutions understand that development and overall success of the Nigerian state is only possible with the participation of women on decision making tables of core and pertinent matters that affect them both in the formal and informal sectors. We work with women and vulnerable groups to educate them about their basic human rights while also building capacity and necessary skills to actively engage in democracy and governance, conflict resolution, peace-building, and peace and security processes within their communities.

GAT has requisite experience and capacity to leverage on the networks and already established relationships to collaborate and provide much needed strategic support, training and advocacy. GAT has delivered over 86 funded activities since its inception under four thematic areas namely Democracy & Good Governance (28), Gender & Human/Women’s Right (34), Health and Reproductive Rights (11), Peace Building, Conflict Resolution and Human Security (13). These activities are delivered through several approaches/ methodology which include Training & Empowerment, Research & Documentation, Policy Analysis & Development and Consultancies (Research, facilitation and paper presentations).

GAT has helped to promote community development and capacity building within communities, promoted the empowerment of individuals and communities, as well as supported cohesion processes and activities between community members. GAT has succeeded in increasing community members’ participation in local governance by mobilizing constituents to engage Local Government officials on governance issues and develop priorities in the three selected LGAs it was implemented.


Our Team

Dr. Lydia Umar

Executive Director

John Onuh Ochigbo

M&E Officer

Divine Doo Ibi

Communication’s Officer

Tukura Bege Andrew

Finance Officer