About Gender Awareness Trust

At GAT we believe that everyone has a voice. We are obsessively passionate about giving them their voice. We pay particular attention to women and vulnerable groups. Our specialty is helping systems and institutions understand that development and overall success of the Nigerian state is only possible with the non-negotiable participation of women on decision making tables of core and pertinent matters that affect them both in the formal and informal sectors. We work tirelessly to educate women and youth about their basic human rights while also building capacity of women and helping them develop and hone necessary skills to actively engage in the democracy and governance, conflict resolution, peace-building, and peace and security processes.
Our current programs are around sexual, gender based violence and our activities are tailored to effectively sensitize, educate and empower people with the right information about what constitutes SGBV and what to do when it is experienced or witnessed. We are working to BREAK THE CULTURE OF SILENCE while also providing the information for victims of SGBV to be able to find justice.

What we Do


Democracy and Good Governance


Gender and Human/Women’s Rights

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Health and Reproductive Rights


 Peace Building, Conflict Resolution & Human Security

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Executive Director

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Project Manager

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Project Officer

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